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Wall mosaic / The 4 Sultanas Fresco

Wall Mosaic;

“The 4 Sultanas Fresco”
Once upon a time, in the 7 hilled Istanbul 4 Sultanas met at the Caferaga Madrasah, which is next to The Great Hagia Sophia, built by the Great architect Sinan for the Sultan Süleyman’s Venetian Kapıağa Jafar Agha, in the mosaic course of the mosaic magician Master Aysel and became very good friends.

They loved making mosaic, laughing and having fun together very much. Life has been good to them while having fun and wandering in Istanbul. They reflected this joy to every curve of their first collective mosaic patterned in Rumi design and reflected their own individual characteristics in each one of the stones. These were joy, originality, creativity and harmony. Wishing that the light of these talismans be in the TKHV’s meeting room for long long years.

Aysun, Fazilet, Huriye, Suzan and project coordinator Aysel Ergül. (Aysel Master)



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